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One outfit states, “It is up to you to find an attorney that works best for your specific situation. I strongly recommend that you contact an attorney and arrange to acquire an emergency contact number.”

Further, “Please be aware that many of these attorneys handle a number of clients and may not have an opening for another. You may need to approach several attorneys, both on and off our list, before you find one that works for you. Also remember that many attorneys require a retainer fee or consultation fee before they’re willing to accept new clients.”

The answer is now available from a 45+ year old company who believes that affordable access to our rights should be available to everyone, 24/7/365. check out the recent post “Gun Owners Supplement Now Available Nationwide!!!”


DO YOU REALLY want to go through all that, when you are under the gun for time and may not have sufficient immediate funds, because something just happened?  Why not just know you & every family member*, with a concealed carry or not, could have access, even 24/7/365**, for your peace of mind, to an attorney in just seconds or minutes***.  Wouldn’t you agree that a no-contract membership, at about the cost of a bottle of water a day, that includes the following benefits would cost more to NOT have it than to have it?

  • Consultation on UNLIMITED issues
  • Dedicated Attorney Network in all 50 states
  • Access to 1,100+ dedicated quality attorneys for a small monthly fee
  • Averaging 19 years of professional experience
  • 5,000+ partnering attorneys
  • Handling 40,000+ calls a week on trivial to traumatic issues
  • Attorneys are pre-paid & ready to serve
  • The member & spouse immediately start off with a trial defense service included, coverage with a reserve of either about 60 or 160 hours [in case you are named in a civil action suite].  Assistance if you or your spouse are named defendant or respondent in a covered civil action suit.

Trials can be expensive and time consuming and you never know when you might need legal help to defend yourself in court. That’s why you need a service that offers even a supplement to your legal plan providing more trial coverage in the event that additional attorney time is necessary.

Certain exceptions and exclusions may apply, please read below and read the membership contract before purchasing.

Learn more through these short, yet informative videos!

Any membership activated at that legal help site fires off a minimum of $35 donation to vetted charities that support Veterans, First Responders and their families. Donations are made by some American Patriots and supporters of Team Veteran

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