Secure My CCW Training prescribes armor for the everyday person and for law enforcement, military and security personal.

Citizen Armor for your personal/family/vehicle/home/business body protection & increased level of safety.

ATEK for protection for those who serve on the front lines.

For shoppers who are Secure My CCW Training active members of LegalShield and/or IDShield we offer you a 2.5% rebate on your purchases at Citizen Armor or ATEK (note: rebate details for purchases through ATEK are forthcoming)

Two simple steps to receive the rebate:

  • Use the Citizen Armor or ATEK links on this page. Purchases must be made via these attributed links for this qualification step for rebates.
  • Contact us so we may verify your active LegalShield and/or IDShield membership.
Citizen Armor

Harnessing the POWER of Protek with graphene microfibers in soft body armor to PROTECT all citizens.


for law enforcement, military and security personal